The supply lines- spiritual and physical

Upon returning from the camp of the barbarians, we were welcomed home with dire news. Not only had the barbarians been raiding our caravans, but so had something else. But what seemed to be an issue more peculiar was the absence of a local priest, attempting to set up a church to Erastil. We went to save the poor soul, following him from his defiled temple to the tomb of some forgotten soldier. He had been possessed by some demon, and he jumped right into the lava. We killed the demon, and reincarnated the man.

The next leg of our adventure was both longer and more interesting. We had to make our way to along the caravan route to the place of the attacks, and it seems it was a dragon of some form. Garrik divined where the dragon’s lair was, but the location was not easy to find. On the search, we met a collosus that could form a keep. He agreed to join in the defense of our nation for companionship and care. In an interesting turn of events, he has an antimagic aura. I am tempted to suggest we house any prisoners we might get who can cast magic to be held in that keep.

We finally wound our way to the lair of the dragon, northwest of a lake of fire, in a cave surrounded by acid. The dragon turned out to be a woundwyrm, one I am not terribly familiar with. We waited in the lair for the beast, and the poor thing barely stood a chance. Evidently, he travels underground. This did not work to his advantage. He burst forth from the dirt, flew into the air. Garrik rode round behind him and hit a telling blow on the dragon. He was quickly the target of every part of the dragons body. Claws, tails, and teeth lashed out, and he fell from his mount. While the dragon was distracted, I cast a quick spell to increase my accuracy, and then walked directly under the beast. I swung my blade straight towards the beast and severed his wings from his body and caught his corpse.

We are bringing his body back to the town, perhaps to salvage some of the damage done into profit. I myself will spend sometime examining the magical and anatomical properties of the body. I think there might be a way to enhance my senses and improve my reactions.

The supply lines- spiritual and physical

Demons Abound - A Wrath of the Righteous Campaign SamuelMartin