The invasion of Drezen entry 2

I have been stalling on writing this journal entry. It disturbs me almost as much as it excites others to hear about.

All else in the dungeon was actually small compared to the fight with the original betrayer. In finding Staunton Vhane, I found one of the most spiritual moments of my existence. We might have fought demons, found succubi, and dealt with the holy and unholy powers of the earth direct and in person, but the reason behind all of this was due to Staunton Vhane. They all were trivial challenges to face. Even the shadow demon in the basement was just a pebble in the scales.

Staunton Vhane and the bard Rondo rode in on fought us at the upper entrance to the dungeon. His brother chose to defect, which started the fight. Our party split. I entered a challenge with Staunton to protect those who needed my protection. I felt exhilaration and magic course through my veins as we traded blows. Part of the group went to protect the lesser of two evils, while the others stayed back to form and protect a back line.

In the beginning of the challenge, Staunton became invisible through some means. This didn’t last long, merely 6 seconds. I managed to push back blows or move enough to have them slide off my armor or scales. After hitting him a few blows, however, I missed a step, and the betrayer was very quick to make use of the opening. I left my shoulder open, and a quick slice was all it took for the blood to come out. I remember little of the next few seconds.

What I do remember is the vague sensation of the great beyond. In some research afterwards, I was in the Boneyard. As far as the eye could see, spirits of the dead were waiting to be judged. I had made it my purpose to become a champion of the Nagaji. Much more was at stake than just one race. More was at stake than just one nation. All of Golarion depends on this war. All of the planes depend on our fight. I might have been strong, but strength of body isn’t good enough.

I have never felt more disappointed in myself or more concerned for the future than at that moment. Being raised by a gaurdian naga might have something to do with this ingrained desire to protect. I like to think this has more to do with just who raised me. I like to think this is who I became because of my many actions.

When my friends brought me back using the salve they found, I gladly and dutifully returned. How could I face Apsu with so much hanging in the balance. Maybe this is his task, but I too shall fight to end death. I too shall stand in the face of evil as long as I have the chance.

Needless to say, we found the great banner. Needless to say, we recovered Drezen. The last major point from these events is that I have seen another way to augment my defenses in battle. I saw the mirror images cast by the spell casters in the dungeon. I think I’ve managed to recreate the effect to some degree in my own spells.

The invasion of Drezen entry 2

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