Night Patrol

It has been an interesting few days. I have been very busy, days spent watching the gates for possible infiltrators and nights spent patrolling with vampire spawn.

I didn’t set out to work with these vampires, but they gave up after I killed their leader. I know they are evil but I still see glimpses of the people they used to be. I saw Gregor go to the graveyard and stand staring at a grave for ten minutes, when I asked who the person was he was looking at he said he couldn’t remember. Was it his wife, child, mother? Who knows?

Then I am reminded of the nature they have to fight, I spent half of the first night stopping them from chasing anything they thought they could kill. I stopped a few sneaking up on guards.

I have them waking up at night and spending a few minutes in prayer to Iomedae. I have them pray for the strength to resist the evil inside and for Iomedae to provide a path back into the light. Then we patrol outside the city, I have found this is the easiest thing to do as we won’t run into anyone else in our nightly rounds.

They have proven useful in the fight against the forces against us. We have killed a few lesser demons while on patrol. I have a few scholars looking into some way to change them back from vampire spawn, until then we follow the routine to keep them busy.

Night Patrol

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