Mass Combat

Mass Combat Overview

Clashes between armies are resolved much like combat between individual creatures. Battle consists of three phases: the commanders decide on tactics; ranged attacks are resolved; and the armies close to melee until one side flees or is destroyed.
There are three key types of rolls made during mass combat:

  • Offense Check: d20+Offense Modifier
  • Damage Dealt: difference between Offense Check result and army’s Defense Value
  • Morale Check: d20+commander’s modifiers+army’s morale score

Army Stat Blocks

  • Name: the army’s name, or generic description
  • XP: the experience award for defeating the army
  • Alignment: usually the alignment of a typical unit in the army
  • Size: the number of units that comprise the army; determines the army’s ACR
  • Type: the nature of the army’s units
  • HP: equal to the ACR x average HP of one unit of the army
  • ACR: based on CR of an individual unit and the size of the army
  • Defense Value: similar to Armor Class; equal to 10+ACR+bonuses from fortifications or settlements
  • Offense Modifier: similar to an attack bonus; equal to ACR
  • Tactics: any army tactics available
  • Resources: any resources the army has available
  • Special: any special abilities
  • Speed: the number of 12-mile hexes an army can march in a day
  • Morale: ranges from -4 to +4; determines ability to change tactics and avoid a rout
  • Consumption: the number of Build Points the army uses in a week; equal to ACR/2; late payment reduces morale by 2 until caught up
  • Commander: the army’s leader, Charisma modifier, ranks on Profession: Soldier, and Leadership score

Battle Phases

  1. Tactics Phase: GM determines any battlefield modifiers, and commanders select a tactic
  2. Ranged Phase: each army capable of making ranged attacks makes one; this phase typically lasts for 1 round, but terrain and conditions may extend this, and if both armies are capable of ranged attacks, they may remain in this phase until out of ammo, or one army decides to close
  3. Melee Phase: each commander selects a strategy, then each army makes an attack; this phase repeats until one army is defeated or routs

Your Army

LG Medium army of humans (paladin 4)
hp 16
DV 18; OM +8 ranged
Tactics: expert flankers, standard, withdraw
Resources: improved armor, improved weapons (mwk cold
iron), mounts, ranged weapons (longbows)
Special: aura of courage, channel positive energy, divine health,
lay on hands, mercy, smite evil, spellcasting
Speed: 3; Morale: +1; Consumption: 5

Mass Combat

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