Demons Abound - A Wrath of the Righteous Campaign

Updated Exp totals!

Kiranda – 6400 xp
Thoxels x3 4800 xp
Half Fiend Minotaurs x3 7,200 xp
Joran Vhane 3,200 xp
Babau 7,200 xp
Story 3,200 xp
Staunton Vhane 9,600 xp MT
Nurah 3,200 xp
Story 3,200 xp
Spectres 6,400 xp
Vampire Spawn x6 7,200 xp
Babau x2 4800 xp
Theruk (Vampire) 6400 xp
Salamanders x4 9,600 xp
Story 3200 xp
Chorussina 6400 xp
Vrock x2 12800 xp
Traps 10,000 xp
Eustoyriax 12800 xp MT

Exp totals - YAY

Vescavor Swarms x2 3200 xp
Vescavor Queen 6,400 xp
Preventing Vrock 6,400 xp
Being awesome at armies 5,600 xp
Armies Defeated: 5,400 xp
Berbalang: 3,200 xp
Barrid Isen (Sorcerer in the gorge) : 3,200 xp
Babau x2: 4,800 xp
Man-eating Aurochx4: 3,200 xp
Brimoraks x4: 6,400 xp
Soltengrebbe, the mythic chimera: 6,400 xp and one mythic trial
Taking the ruins of Drezen: 4,800 xp
Brimorak x2 3,200 xp
Gargoyles x4: 4,800 xp
Cultist Archersx4: 4,800 xp
Poison Spiked Pit trap: 1,600 xp
Konneshka (vrock): 6,400 xp
Advanced fiendish mimics x3: 7,200 xp
Jestak: 6,400 xp
Daiatan and Taniatan (nabasu’s): 12,800 xp
Graven Guardians x3: 4,800 xp
Brimorak x4: 6,400 xp

Total: 117,400 xp
Per player: 29,350 xp

Campaign xp: 58,900 xp

Exp totals

Tiefling Army – 600 xp
Story – 800 xp
Dretch Army – 2400 xp
Tiefling Army – 600xp
Exorius – 2,400 xp
Gargoyles x 3 – 3,600 xp
Ghoul cleric – 1,200 xp
Ghouls x7 – 2,800 xp
Nulkineth – 3,200 xp
Maugla – 4,800 xp
Story – 2,400 xp

Total = 24,800 xp
Each = 6,200 xp

Total per player = 29,550 xp

Part 6 - Enemy Dispatched

After the brief but bloody battle at the entrance, the party decided to take a vote; whether to continue or retreat for the day. With valiant courage they decided to press on. In the following room there is a shrine to Iomedae – defiled with blood and gore. The heroes decide to clean the shrine before moving on – and then an odd thing happened. Taran decided to do a head stand and noticed odd writing at the base of the shrine, “Let us inherit thine arms, Iomedae”.

After a couple of brief one sided fights with demons and various cultist, the party met it’s match for the first time. The party just found a secret door and they hear a door open behind them. A tiefling male with many bottles on his belt was standing there, and he says to Boross, “Catch”. A bottle is tossed to Boross and explodes on him catching him on fire. The party eventually pins him down after an intense fight.

The party heads upstairs and have another extended fight with cultists and demons at the stairwell up.

Eventually, they arrive in a room with a pedestal inside, with a weird cage on top. Inside the cage is what looks the remnants of the wardstone of Kenabres. A sole guardian is in the room – a wicked looking woman, with a scythe and a deformed arm.

To be continued.


Abrikandilus x4 3200 xp
Dretches x2 1200 xp
Cultist x3 1200 xp
Othirubo 1200 xp
Tieflings x12 2400 xp
Burying 1600 xp
Peryton 1200 xp
Schir 1200 xp
Demonic Giants Flies x3 1800 xp
Cultists x3 1200 xp
Zombies x6 1200 xp
Deradnu 1600 xp
Jeslyn 2400 xp
Babau x6 14,400 xp
Medal 800 xp
Destroying wardstone 4,800 xp

Total = 41,400 xp
Per player = 10,350 xp
Total exp = 23,350 xp

Part 5 - Mission Acquired

The party finds the Defender’s Heart and reunite with the last defensive crusader stronghold in the city. Grateful for a reprieve from the horrors and suffering in the rest of the city, the party decides to rest here.

Over the course of the next few days the last few remaining safe houses for the Ivory Labyrinth are raided and the cell’s eradicated.

After three days of events, the party is invited into a conference. The mongrelmen they made an alliance with arrive in the evening of the second day.

Irabeth asks the party if they want to assist in a direly important task. She says the following:

“As horrific as recent events have been, we’ve come to realize that they are, in fact, merely a prelude. The razing of the Kite, the destruction of our wardstone, Terendelev’s murder, and the assault on the city were nothing more than opening gambits. The Worldwound is on the march in a more concentrated assault than we’ve seen since the fall of Drezen. It’s fair to say the Lord of the Locust Host is finally making his move. The end of this hundred-year-war is upon us, and it falls to us to ensure victory.

“While the Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth were scattered, those who serve the Lord of the Locust Host himself remain concentrated in Old Kenabres. What we’ve heard from within the barricade they’ve erected is ominous. The cultists are waiting for something, and based on our own information and what you’ve managed to recover so far, it sounds like the vile witch Areelu Vorlesh will soon be coming to Kenabres. And it appears that we’ve determined what she intends to do.

“When the wardstone was destroyed by the Storm King, it exploded and destroyed the Kite. The network along the border failed, but did not fade completely. I believe this is because a significant portion of our wardstone still exists, and that the cultists have taken it to the old garrison in Old Kenabres. From what we’ve learned, they’re hoping to engineer a way to somehow reverse the field generated by the wardstones—essentially, to use our own greatest defense as a devastating weapon.

“The attack on Kenabres had a predictable result: causing the crusade to gather at the border to defend it. Some wonder why the demons haven’t attacked in stronger numbers. I believe that Areelu was counting on us massing along the border, and that if she can corrupt the wardstone field, she can strike a devastating blow against us all. In effect, we’ve lined up for the slaughter.

“Vorlesh is surely seeking some object of great Abyssal power, likely the Nahyndrian crystal mentioned in the missive you recovered, and with it she intends to turn the source of our hope into an unimaginable nightmare. We cannot hope to evacuate everyone from the border—I doubt they would give up the defensive line even if they knew what the enemy planned. But we can still stop this from happening—we just need to have someone infiltrate the Gray Garrison, locate the wardstone fragment, and destroy it.”

Irabeth offers the aid of the crusaders currently in her command. But the party is full of noble virtue and are unwilling to let another human walk into danger for them – and decide to assault the garrison by themselves.

After a bloody battle, in the street in front of the garrison, lasting over 5 minutes. The party looks victorious. And start venturing inside the garrison.

Experience Points

Chaleb (Cavalier) 800 xp
Tieflings 400 xp
Story 1000 xp
Mandragora 1,200 xp
Trap 400 xp
Cultists 800 xp
Faxon 1,200 xp
Story 1,600 xp
Vremleks 3,200 xp
Howlers 3,200 xp
Cultist 2,400 xp
Tieflings 2,000 xp
Vremleks 1,600 xp

Experience gained: 19,800
Experience per person: 4,950
Total Experience: 13,000

Part 4 - Onwards!

The party after discovering the surface goes backs and fetches the various prisoners and companions they left in the village.

Horgus demands to be taken to his house first – if the party expected the promise payment. So the party starts heading in a northeasterly direction. The going is tough – debris and bodies everywhere – the party has to hide anytime a demon patrol goes by. Eventually, they arrive to a perfectly intact house. The party grows suspicious of Horgus and he denies all allegations. He quickly goes grabs a couple of bags of gold and half-heartedly thanked the party.

Anevia asks the party to go to her house because she’s worried about her lover, Irabeth. Upon arriving at her house – they get attacked by fire beetles appearing out of thin air. The party is thrown into confusion – but with quick thinking by Rondo who finds the mage summoning these fiends by scouring the room. Unfortunately, the half-orc’s surprise attack left Anevia close to death, with a new burn scar all along her body.

Giant flies x2 1200 xp
Mad knights x6 1200 xp
Quasits x2 1200 xp
Vagorg 1200 xp
Story 800 xp
Looters x6 1200 xp
Story 2000 xp

Total xp = 8,800 xp
Xp per player = 2,200 xp
Total xp per player so far = 8,050 xp

Part 3 - Journey to the Surface

The party took it upon themselves to eradicate the traitorous mongrelmen.

They storm their lair quickly and efficiently, if not quietly, they get spotted by the guards and the alarm sounds. After many fights with various mongrelmen, cultist, lizards, plus much looting, they arrive at the “leader’s” room. The party was quite surprised when they opened the door and glowing glaives started appearing in the air. Garrik keeps the floating glaives at bay by putting his body in front of them. Eventually, the main cultist goes down and they find a interesting note.


You will remain, for the time being, in Kenabres. But know this, the city’s days are numbered. Seek a place of safety-the underground den of your mongrel lackeys should suffice to keep you safe from the devastation to come. I shall assume command of Drezen shortly, and once Vorlesh has finished with the wardstone and Kenabres is no longer of interest to us, you are to return to my side. Excellent news regarding the salvage of Yaniel’s sword from the museum as well- Bring it with you. For I believe this weapon could be quite useful once we corrupt it. Before you leave for Drezen, stop by the three safe houses (Nyserian manor, Topaz Solutions, and the Tower of Estrod- the passphrase remains “I’ve new material for the archives,” for now) to ensure no evidence remains behind.

May Lord Deskari and Lord Baphomet watch over you!

After a brief search of the room a sword is found, it is the most breathtaking sword. Made of pure gold, superior craftsmanship, and a razor-sharp edge – this sword is clearly the blade the note mentioned. After asking Aravashnial about Yaniel’s sword he gives the story of her past and of what he knows of the sword Radiance.

The party continues through the complex and encounters a hole in the ground. Taran levitates down and notices very large fish thrashing about underneath him inside a river. He then hurls his mighty chakram at them, a couple of times, till they stopped moving. Afterwards, he notices a secret door on the narrow ledge nearby. Inside, they find a treasure chest! And a trap! No one falls for the trap and Taran leaps out of the way as a pit forms underneath him.

After looting the chest – the party encounters a maze of some sort. They find out that dretches live inside this maze. After much puking and running away – the party emerges on the other side of the maze and discover they are inside the sewer system of Kenabres. They quickly figure out the way to the surface!

Unfortunately, the city they remembered no longer exists. Carnage and complete destruction of most of the buildings around them. Fires are clearly going unchecked in other parts of the city. Shrieks and maniacal laughter can be heard in the distance.

Kenabres has been destroyed.


Story Awards 4000xp
Hosilla 600xp
Uziel 200 xp
Gars x2 800 xp
Trap 600 xp
Rats x3 600 xp
Mongrelmen x2 800xp
Dretches x2 1200 xp
Dire Rats x7 1400 xp

Total xp : 10,200 xp
Per player: 2,550 xp.
Total xp per player: 3,300 + 2,550 = 5,850.

Part 2: Meeting the Mongrelmen.

After some time our hero’s managed to find signs that a civilization might be down here with them. They meet three mongrelmen at the site of a collapsed tower, one of them being trapped by a large rock, they quickly run to the rescue. Without even asking if help was needed, they quickly moved the rock via leverage and the stone went flying. The three mongrelmen introduced themselves as: Krel, Dyra, and Lann.


The three mongrels quickly lead the party through an alternate path, the main one was destroyed in the earthquake. Dyra offered to scout ahead to make sure the way was cleared, a few minutes later she arrives and tells you the stone bridge has collapsed.

The party manages to get across the chasm and tie a rope across the gap. Unfortunately, they have a blind and lame person with them.

Aravashnial required much encouragement to try to cross. He was very hesitant and took a very long time to cross.

Anevia was confident in her abilities of crossing, and she crossed with no major problems.

Horgus decided to try to jump it himself, since the Halfling was taunting him. “Hmpf, I will show that Halfling how a true noble jumps a chasm”. He made it eight out of ten feet in his jump and plummeted. Garrik and Taran manage to help the now battered Horgus up the chasm.

After awhile, the party enter a chamber of the “fungus monster” as Lann warns. Rondo charges into the middle of the chamber and quickly lances the monster. The fungus monster explodes and squishy bits fly into the air and all over him and his mount. The party finds two corpses surrounding the corpse of the basidirond. Taran quickly starts searching the corpses, muttering “give me a longbow”, and finds weird symbols on what looks like crusaders. No one could identify them, Rondo decided to offer the descriptions to Aravashnial. Aravashnial identifies them as symbols of Baphomet.

Story 1400 xp
Trollhound 600 xp

Total exp = 2000 exp, level up

Mongrelmen x8 = 3200 xp
Moniter Lizard 600 xp
Wenduag (mongrel ranger) = 600 xp
Cultist x2 = 800 xp

Total = 5200 xp = 1300 xp each.

Everyone should be at 3300 xp.

Part 1: The Fall Of Kenabrus

Armasse started as a great day. The sun was shining, people were happy and cheerful. Then events unfolded so terribly and tragically, demons invaded our beloved city of Kenabrus. The wardstone that held the demons at bay was destroyed somehow.

A mighty roar comes from within the courtyard, and the townsfolk gave a mighty cheer as the ancient silver dragon – Kenabres’s greatest guardian – Terendelev appears above. At the same time a terrifying sight also appeared, a mighty baler named Khorramzadeh.

Khorramzadeh has come back for revenge!!

The balor is three times the size of any man, with skin coated in fire and lightning, gripped a flaming sword and whip. What a terrifying sight.

The ground in the courtyard started to shake and disgorge demons of various sizes. The courtyard started to go into panic – but our hero’s stood their ground and even tried to assist the dragon with cheers.

Unfortunately, the fight above turned on the silver dragon quickly. After many blows the dragon and balor spiraled downward into the courtyard. With a mighty crash they landed and caused a rift to start forming in the ground. This rift started heading towards our hero’s – countless other civilians died – and Terendelev noticed the plight of the human’s with death looming above her.

The rift quickly spreads under your feet and you start to feel yourself fall into the sightless void below you. With her last valiant effort she managed to cast a spell at our hero’s before the sword descended. The spell slowed your plummet into the darkness as if you were feathers falling into a pit.

Did she choose you out of chance or due to destiny?

The party lands in total darkness.
Exp totals:
Story: 1200 xp
Giant Maggots: 400 xp
Giant Cockroaches: 400 xp
Cave Viper: 400 xp
Giant Fly: 400 xp
Huecuva: 600 xp
Darkmantles: 800 xp
Millorn: 600 xp
Mongrolmen: 1200 xp

Total: 6000 xp = 1500 xp each
Not enough to level up – but please come with your level up in mind for next session.


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