Rings and Cloaks


Here it is listed in order of top priority to lowest. With items currently in the party.
Rings of protection
Baross (+1 Ring)


Cloaks of resistance
Taran ( 2 Cloak)
Garrik ( +2 Cloak, Prot Evil)
Rondo ( +2 Cloak)
Baross (
1 Cloak)
Shara (+1 Cloak)


My suggestion is simply to pass things down the list. So for example: if we got a +2 ring it would go to Baross and then his +1 ring would go to Rondo and so on and so forth. This would keep the people at the polar ends with a higher and lower item and the people in the middle with two median items. Granted at this point we only have 3 items.
This was the voting I got last week if anybody wants to change or doesn’t understand why they are where they are:

Baross: 4 Ring, 1 Cloak
Rondo: 2 Ring, 3 Cloak
Garrik: 1 Ring, 4 Cloak
Taran: 1 Ring, 4 Cloak
So Baross was highest for ring and Taran and Garrik were tied for cloak so we rolled off and Taran won. Which pushed Garrik down to the seond highest on cloak and Rondo to second highest on ring.

We can use this system or dump it, it doesn’t really matter to me just thought it would save time in the long run instead of having to run through what everyone has every time we find a cloak or ring.

Rings and Cloaks

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