random items not yet sold or disbursed


Treasure 9/22 through 10/5

Magic Items: + 4 animated heavy wooden shield, medallion of thoughts, belt of physical prowess (+ 4 Str and Dex) (Baross), large Celestial Armor barding (for a roc), small + 1 cold iron lance, + 4 amulet of natural armor (Shara), gargantuan + 5 half plate, bracers of might (Garrik), torque of the heavens (Baross), + 2 amulet of natural armor, gargantuan + 5 bastard swords, large + 4 unholy speed glaive, ball of twine (artifact?), Dawnflower’s Kiss (currently evil), large + 2 flaming whip, large +1 unholy longsword

Cash and swag: 81,600 GP, regal Dwarven outfit (@3,000 GP), large diamond @(25,000 GP)


Selling all the unwanted swag since our last big clearance sale resulted in each party member receiving 63,853 gp. Happy spending!

Treasure 7/28 (?)

Cash: 45,400

Items for Sale: cloak of resistance +1 (1000 gp), cloak of resistance +2 (-4,000 gp), large + 2 breastplate x2 (4350 gp), -large + 2 adamantine pick x2- (11,310 gp), + 1 amulet of natural armor x3 (2000 gp), -+ 2 belt of constitution x2- (4000 gp), large +3 full plate (10,650 gp), + 2 amulet of natural armor (8000 gp), + 4 headband of wisdom (16000 gp)

Items of Use: bag of holding II, minor ring of electricity resistance (resist 10, Thraxis), pearl of power III (Shara), Blancher (???, huge mattock), belt of thunderous charging (Garrik, if I can improve the Strength bonus, otherwise worth 10,000 gp), Book of immunity to Maze (?), 4,000 gp worth of diamond dust, potion of tongues, scroll of commune x3, scroll of true resurrection, wand of restoration (11 charges), decanter of endless water

Selling the struck-through items yields 42,485

Treasure 7/21

A dragon’s hoard!

Cash: 39,740

Items for sale: mw longspear x4, mw longsword x6, +1 expeditious chainmail (5,400 gp), +3 silver dagger (18,322), pink, lacy gloves of swimming and climbing (6,250 gp)

Items of use: mythic item x4 (either a 3/4 cloak, or item of roughly 15,000 gp value), item of choice x4 (roughly 30,000 gp value); shadow dragon hide

Selling struck-through items fetches 16,566 gp

Treasure 7/14

4 medium fortification full plate (cursed grave knight armor)
1 keen halberd- (8330 gp)
Headband of charisma +2 (4000 gp)
Large 1 black flame dagger ???
4 large great sword- (32,330 gp)
+2 large composite (mighty + 7) longbow (9,100 gp)

Selling the struck-through items would garner 26,880 gp

Treasure 6/2

Magic Item: rod of withering (25,000 gp)

When sold, will fetch 12,500 gp

Treasure 5/19

Magic Items: ring of force shield (8500 gp), +1 large breastplate x3 (1350 gp), -+1 large pick x3- ()2310, +3 chain shirt (9250 gp), +3 unholy scythe (probably worth running through the purification forge), cloak of resistance +1 (1000)
Other Items: set of keys, facial piercings

If struck-through items are sold, they would yield 14,865 gp

Treasure 4/28

A few things to sell (including some thrown back into the kitty), and some items I would like to clarify distribution of.

Magic Items: +1 heavy steel shield, phylactery of faithfulnes-s, -+3 chain shirt, belt of constitution +4, ring of protection +1, +3 heavy fortification studded leather, amulet of mighty fists +2, portable hole

Previous Items: dull gray ioun stones x8 (must be useful for something), necklace of strangulation, word bottle, blessed book (Thraxis), silver raven figurine of wondrous power (Thraxis), retriever drone x2 (might be useful), swarm lord’s jar, ambrosia x4 (we should each have one), fortune’s arrow (Taran), lesser maximize rod (carried by Boross), quicken rod (carried by Garrik), staff of conjuration (expensive, but Summon Monster VI is pretty useful), ring of major fire resistance (Garrik)

Other swag: alchemist’s kit, formula book

Cash: 2,000 GP; if struck-through items are sold, they would yield 56,985 GP


I sold all the obviously unwanted items recovered in our most recent venture; we need to have a discussion about the fate of everything that is not struck through. The party fund has also gotten pretty bloated, so I retained about 10 K (enough for a resurrection) and split out the extra into this split.

Each PC receives 34,667 GP.

The party fund stands at 10,622 GP. This does not include any costs for raising Boross, should Sam elect to retain the character.

Treasure 4/21

Magic Items: Word Bottle, Blessed Book, freaky Silver Raven figurine of wondrous power, Retriever Drone x2, Swarmlord’s Jar, Bag of Holding IV, Ambrosia x4, Fortune’s Arrow, Rod of Withering, Lesser Maximize metamagic rod, Quicken metamagic rod, scroll of Greater Dispel Magic, Staff of Conjuration, black Robes of the Archmage, Headband of +4 Int/Wis (Bluff, Sense Motive), Ring of Major Fire Resistance, Ring of Protection +5, Yanil’s +3 mithral full plate, Instant Fortress

Swag: assorted books and notes @ 12,000 GP, gems @ 4500 GP, platinum coffer @ 1000 GP, silver statuette of a worm that walks @ 3500 GP, various objets d’art @ 10,000

Cash: 9792 GP

Other items of interest: Xanthravane’s Spellbook

Treasure 4/14

Magic Items: potion of Cure Serious Wounds x5, +1 full plate x10,- wand of Summon Monster IV x2 (13 and 14 charges-), Decanter of Endless Water, Amulet of Natural Armor +2, scroll of Lesser Planar Binding, scroll of Summon Monster IV

Swag: MW short sword x10, MW glaive x10, silver holy symbol x10, library worth of books, fine wine x5 @500,- fine fruit x3 @150-

Treasure 3/24

Magic Items: wand of Confusion x3 (6, 5, and 10 charges)

Cash:- 2,700 GP-

Treasure 3/17

Magic Items: dull gray ioun stone x8, large +1 halberd x4, necklace of strangulation

Swag: necklace (500 GP)

Treasure Split! Each PC receives 7753 GP. The party fund stands at 14957 GP.

Treasure 3/3

Magic Items: belt of dwarvenkind (Herbert), scarlet and blue sphere Ioun stone (+2 Int, Sleight of Hand; resonance: +2 concentration when casting defensively), Ioun Eyeball (all-around vision; resonance: disguise self into 1 of 3 forms-drow noble, svirfneblin, Tar-Baphon), bone bracelet (constant Reduce Person, mage hand at will, 2 Ioun slots)

Swag: 3,000 GP of gems

Treasure 2/24

Magic Items: scroll of restoration, greater dispel magic, heal, spell resistance, wand of stoneskin (19 charges), platinum holy symbol of Iomedae (functions as way finder)

Items to be sold or otherwise dealt with: +2 elven chain mail, heretical text of Erastil (200 GP), cursed longbow, cursed celestial armor, necklace of strangulation, Woundworm hide

Cash and swag: 15,266 GP in assorted coin, 5 gems @ 50 GP, gold scroll tube @ 250 GP

Treasure 2/17

Magic Items: Vibrant Purple Prism ioun stone (stores 3 spell levels), amulet of natural armor +1, bracers of armor +3, decanter of endless water, ring of protection +1

Items of interest: magical talisman of Baphomet (divination) inscribed with Jarabeth

Cash: 8,000 GP

Treasure 2/3

Items to sell: + 1 keen longsword, MW cold iron lance, + 2 vicious battle-axe, Rod of the python

Holding on to this stuff until we make another shopping run.

NEWS FLASH: Treasure Split for 1/6-1/27

Selling all the stuff from the last two sessions, each PC receives 4074 GP. The Party Fund stands at 16,203. Nation-building in the near future, so we will probably be glad of some cash reserves.

Loot 1/27

A few items we recovered from the vampire assassin, as well as some stuff Garrik is throwing back in the pot.

Wand of Death Knell (39 charges), + 1 shadow studded leather, + 1 vicious dagger, MW longspear x2, Ranseur of the Gargoyle, MW mighty (+ 2) longbow

Loot 1/6

Just cash this time: 7616.28 in coin, and 2 pearls worth 500 GP each.

Loot 12/9 through 12/30

Several sessions worth of minor swag, followed by a smorgasbord of loot.

Items of Interest
Horn of Assured Victory, adamantine battle-axe, + 1 returning throwing axe, Soul Shear (+ 2 transmuting glaive, intelligent and evil), Staunton Vhane’s journal, + 1 spell-storing light hammer (currently holding blindness), girdle of masculinity/feminity (used up?), belt of strength + 2, belt of constitution + 2, figurines of wondrous power (bronze griffon, silver raven), dust of appearance, armor of the pious

Wish List Items
Rondo: War Saddle, Feather Token (lance) x2, Feather Token (tree)
Baross: Helm of Comprehend Language and Read Magic, Lesser Elemental Metamagic Rod (fire)
Taran: Belt of Physical Might +2 (Str/Dex)
Garrik: Snapleaf, Lord’s Banner of the Crusades (dormant)

Items to be Sold
+ 1 breastplate, + 2 breastplate, + 1 longsword x2, MW composite (+ 2 Str) longbow x3, + 1 chain shirt, MW flail, mithral heavy shield, + 1 heavy mace, MW scythe, MW double-bladed sword x4, composite longbow x4, chain mail x4, +1 frost rapier, MW full plate x4, MW longbow, MW glaive, MW longspear x2, cocoon cloak, + 2 fire resistance banded mail, rod of metal and mineral detection

Cash, jewels and objets d’art
ruby (100), silver coffer (350), 2 vases (250 each), 4 garnets (100 each), chess set (600), 20 bottles of ale (150 each), 9707 GP in various coin

After selling unwanted items and treasure, each PC receives 10,800 GP. The party fund now stands at 12,129 GP.

Loot 12/2

A few high-demand items, and a small amount of cash.

Magic Items: potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (Garrik), wand of dimension door (8 charges) (Boross), amulet of natural armor +1 (Rondo? I misremember who got this one), cloak of resistance +2 (the source of some debate as to how many of these we have recovered)

Loot 11/11

Various stuff from the fallen Temple of Shelyn. Since we are in the middle of the Worldwound, no chance to sell unwanted items.

Magic item: Knight’s pennon of battle

Mundane stuff: MW scimitar, MW battle axe, cold iron dagger x3, heavy steel shield, powdered silver (unknown amount), gold holy symbol of Sarenrae (200), key

Superfluous (probably) magic items: +1 breastplate, +1 aspergillum, +1 chain shirt, +1 returning dagger, wand of hold person (10 charges)

Cash & cash-like objects: 3837.94 GP in assorted coin, beryl (500), 3 opals (100 each), painting (500)

Consumables: scroll of Summon Monster V

Loot 10/14

A horn of battle clarity, +1 scythe (I think Baross claimed it), and 5 pieces of the wardstone. Selling the assorted gear and weapons we’d accumulated gives each PC 632 GP. The party fund is now at 2392 GP.

Loot 10/7

Still deep in enemy territory, so no trading. We have collected a lot more weapons and armor, plus a few yet-unclaimed items, or equipment thrown back into the pot.

studded leather armor x15, dagger x2, portable alchemy lab, cold iron longsword x3, cold iron shortsword x2, heavy crossbow x5, cold iron longspear x2, cold iron battleaxe, 30 cold iron bolts, MW chainmail x2, MW chain shirt, longsword, shortsword x10, glaive x6
-6 rare books @ 50 GP each

-small +1 light steel shield, scroll of restoration, ring of clumsiness,
manual of war

We also found and recorded a disguised prayer, apparently to Iomedae, a note with details about Irabeth’s trading her sword to an alchemist, and seized documents detailing Crusader troop movements before they fell into fiendish hands

Loot 9/30

Not much swag, but all the blood and guts you could ask for. We are in the thick of it, so no selling or trading, but arms and armor aplenty have been seized.

MW Glaives x2 (plus 4 given to our mongrelmen allies), MW scythes x6, MW chain shirt x2, heavy crossbows x4, glaives x6, studded leather x10, 60 GP cash money

Loot 9/29

Bonus session, bonus loot! Unloading some arms and armor netted a bit of coin, but the bulk came from busting up the Brazen Head.

1,664 GP each, the party fund stands at 1,784 GP after buying another, more fully charged wand of Cure Light Wounds.

Loot 9/23

Mostly mundane weapons and armor this time, plus some cash.

6 longswords, 6 saps, 30 MW arrows, 120 arrows, 6 longbows, 6 suits of leather armor

4 tanglefoot bags, 5 thunderstones, 1 alchemist’s fire, 1 acid, 2 antitoxin, 3 holy water, 3 magical bolts of unknown power, a mystery elixir, 6 potions of CLW, and a potion of barkskin

cash and objets d’art total 687.8 gp

Loot and Prisoners 9/16

A jeweled prayer book dedicated to Baphomet worth 50 GP (I didn’t think there would be a buyer in mongrel man town); a crazy dwarf wizard named Mallorn, the human female leader of the Baphoment cultists.

After trading away the bulk of our swag, each PC received 316 GP; the party fund sits at 270 GP after purchasing a healer’s kit. Everyone also got a 1,000 GP reward for delivering Horgus to his strangely intact home.


Now that we have access to a market, however small, I figured I should post our accumulated swag. Items that have been claimed by a particular person are not included. It is a little early to worry about distributing loot or a party fund, but keep in mind how we want to handle dividing treasure in future.

Cash: 8 PP, 168 GP

Arms & Armor: Caltrops, Light Crossbow, 8 bolts, Hide Shirt Armor, Studded Leather Armor, MW Chain Shirt x3, MW Glaive, 2 Daggers

Consumables: 4 Potions of Lesser Restoration, Scroll of Shocking Grasp, Scroll of Resist Energy, Potion of Invisibility, 2 Scroll of Cause Fear, Alchemist’s Fire, Wand of ??? (p. 20), Scroll of Comprehend Languages, Unholy Water

Jewelry and objets d’art: Copper Brooch, Gold Ring, Marble Statue (spear thrower), 2 Unholy Symbols of Baphomet (brass w/ red gem eyes), Unholy Symbol of Baphomet (obsidian)

Survival and Travel Gear: 2 torn Bedrolls, bent Fishhook, 10’ Rope, MW Backpack, 8 days’ Rations, Flint & Steel, 2 pints Oil,



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