Demons Abound - A Wrath of the Righteous Campaign

Updated Exp totals!

Kiranda – 6400 xp
Thoxels x3 4800 xp
Half Fiend Minotaurs x3 7,200 xp
Joran Vhane 3,200 xp
Babau 7,200 xp
Story 3,200 xp
Staunton Vhane 9,600 xp MT
Nurah 3,200 xp
Story 3,200 xp
Spectres 6,400 xp
Vampire Spawn x6 7,200 xp
Babau x2 4800 xp
Theruk (Vampire) 6400 xp
Salamanders x4 9,600 xp
Story 3200 xp
Chorussina 6400 xp
Vrock x2 12800 xp
Traps 10,000 xp
Eustoyriax 12800 xp MT



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