Demons Abound - A Wrath of the Righteous Campaign

Part 6 - Enemy Dispatched

After the brief but bloody battle at the entrance, the party decided to take a vote; whether to continue or retreat for the day. With valiant courage they decided to press on. In the following room there is a shrine to Iomedae – defiled with blood and gore. The heroes decide to clean the shrine before moving on – and then an odd thing happened. Taran decided to do a head stand and noticed odd writing at the base of the shrine, “Let us inherit thine arms, Iomedae”.

After a couple of brief one sided fights with demons and various cultist, the party met it’s match for the first time. The party just found a secret door and they hear a door open behind them. A tiefling male with many bottles on his belt was standing there, and he says to Boross, “Catch”. A bottle is tossed to Boross and explodes on him catching him on fire. The party eventually pins him down after an intense fight.

The party heads upstairs and have another extended fight with cultists and demons at the stairwell up.

Eventually, they arrive in a room with a pedestal inside, with a weird cage on top. Inside the cage is what looks the remnants of the wardstone of Kenabres. A sole guardian is in the room – a wicked looking woman, with a scythe and a deformed arm.

To be continued.


Abrikandilus x4 3200 xp
Dretches x2 1200 xp
Cultist x3 1200 xp
Othirubo 1200 xp
Tieflings x12 2400 xp
Burying 1600 xp
Peryton 1200 xp
Schir 1200 xp
Demonic Giants Flies x3 1800 xp
Cultists x3 1200 xp
Zombies x6 1200 xp
Deradnu 1600 xp
Jeslyn 2400 xp
Babau x6 14,400 xp
Medal 800 xp
Destroying wardstone 4,800 xp

Total = 41,400 xp
Per player = 10,350 xp
Total exp = 23,350 xp



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