Demons Abound - A Wrath of the Righteous Campaign

Part 4 - Onwards!

The party after discovering the surface goes backs and fetches the various prisoners and companions they left in the village.

Horgus demands to be taken to his house first – if the party expected the promise payment. So the party starts heading in a northeasterly direction. The going is tough – debris and bodies everywhere – the party has to hide anytime a demon patrol goes by. Eventually, they arrive to a perfectly intact house. The party grows suspicious of Horgus and he denies all allegations. He quickly goes grabs a couple of bags of gold and half-heartedly thanked the party.

Anevia asks the party to go to her house because she’s worried about her lover, Irabeth. Upon arriving at her house – they get attacked by fire beetles appearing out of thin air. The party is thrown into confusion – but with quick thinking by Rondo who finds the mage summoning these fiends by scouring the room. Unfortunately, the half-orc’s surprise attack left Anevia close to death, with a new burn scar all along her body.

Giant flies x2 1200 xp
Mad knights x6 1200 xp
Quasits x2 1200 xp
Vagorg 1200 xp
Story 800 xp
Looters x6 1200 xp
Story 2000 xp

Total xp = 8,800 xp
Xp per player = 2,200 xp
Total xp per player so far = 8,050 xp



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