Demons Abound - A Wrath of the Righteous Campaign

Part 2: Meeting the Mongrelmen.

After some time our hero’s managed to find signs that a civilization might be down here with them. They meet three mongrelmen at the site of a collapsed tower, one of them being trapped by a large rock, they quickly run to the rescue. Without even asking if help was needed, they quickly moved the rock via leverage and the stone went flying. The three mongrelmen introduced themselves as: Krel, Dyra, and Lann.


The three mongrels quickly lead the party through an alternate path, the main one was destroyed in the earthquake. Dyra offered to scout ahead to make sure the way was cleared, a few minutes later she arrives and tells you the stone bridge has collapsed.

The party manages to get across the chasm and tie a rope across the gap. Unfortunately, they have a blind and lame person with them.

Aravashnial required much encouragement to try to cross. He was very hesitant and took a very long time to cross.

Anevia was confident in her abilities of crossing, and she crossed with no major problems.

Horgus decided to try to jump it himself, since the Halfling was taunting him. “Hmpf, I will show that Halfling how a true noble jumps a chasm”. He made it eight out of ten feet in his jump and plummeted. Garrik and Taran manage to help the now battered Horgus up the chasm.

After awhile, the party enter a chamber of the “fungus monster” as Lann warns. Rondo charges into the middle of the chamber and quickly lances the monster. The fungus monster explodes and squishy bits fly into the air and all over him and his mount. The party finds two corpses surrounding the corpse of the basidirond. Taran quickly starts searching the corpses, muttering “give me a longbow”, and finds weird symbols on what looks like crusaders. No one could identify them, Rondo decided to offer the descriptions to Aravashnial. Aravashnial identifies them as symbols of Baphomet.

Story 1400 xp
Trollhound 600 xp

Total exp = 2000 exp, level up

Mongrelmen x8 = 3200 xp
Moniter Lizard 600 xp
Wenduag (mongrel ranger) = 600 xp
Cultist x2 = 800 xp

Total = 5200 xp = 1300 xp each.

Everyone should be at 3300 xp.



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