Demons Abound - A Wrath of the Righteous Campaign

Exp totals - YAY

Vescavor Swarms x2 3200 xp
Vescavor Queen 6,400 xp
Preventing Vrock 6,400 xp
Being awesome at armies 5,600 xp
Armies Defeated: 5,400 xp
Berbalang: 3,200 xp
Barrid Isen (Sorcerer in the gorge) : 3,200 xp
Babau x2: 4,800 xp
Man-eating Aurochx4: 3,200 xp
Brimoraks x4: 6,400 xp
Soltengrebbe, the mythic chimera: 6,400 xp and one mythic trial
Taking the ruins of Drezen: 4,800 xp
Brimorak x2 3,200 xp
Gargoyles x4: 4,800 xp
Cultist Archersx4: 4,800 xp
Poison Spiked Pit trap: 1,600 xp
Konneshka (vrock): 6,400 xp
Advanced fiendish mimics x3: 7,200 xp
Jestak: 6,400 xp
Daiatan and Taniatan (nabasu’s): 12,800 xp
Graven Guardians x3: 4,800 xp
Brimorak x4: 6,400 xp

Total: 117,400 xp
Per player: 29,350 xp

Campaign xp: 58,900 xp



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